Quality indicators

General overview

  • Author(s):
    Sonja Klemenčič, Tanja Vilič Klenovšek, Tanja Možina
  • Place and year of publication:
    Ljubljana, 2003
  • Publisher:
    Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
  • Publication type:
    Collection of quality indicators
  • Format:
    Printed edition


The Quality indicators manual is the core of Offering quality Education to Adults (OQEA) – our national model for the evaluation and development of quality in educational organisations for adults. It is based on the concept of areas and sub-areas, and partially on the quality indicators defined in the materials on evaluation and assurance of quality in education prepared by the Ministry of Education and Sport (Ugotavljanje in zagotavljanje kakovosti v izobraževanje, 1999), which were adapted to adult education. The manual is useful for educational organisations who want to implement the OQEA model, as it guides them through discussion on those areas of work where constant evaluation and development of quality are essential if the organisation wants to offer quality education. The areas, sub-areas, and quality indicators defined in this manual can be used as a map to find the answers to the question: What does quality in adult education look like?
(available only in Slovenian language)