What I do as a quality counsellor in adult education

General overview

  • Author(s):
    Sonja Klemenčič, Tanja Možina
  • Place and year of publication:
    Ljubljana, 2019
  • Publisher:
    Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
  • Publication type:
  • Format:
    Printed edition


The SIAE has established a national network of quality counsellors to enable the professional connection and exchange of good practices and experience between active quality counsellors. Some quality counsellors in adult education have worked in this role since 2007. Through these years of training and practical work, they gained a lot of important experience in planning and coordinating efforts for quality development in the entire organisation. An idea was born to explain their role to their colleagues, and especially to the organisations where the role of a quality counsellor does not exist (yet).

One of the quality counsellors in adult education was brave enough to write about her story, her role, and her work, in this manual.
(available only in Slovenian language)