Quality indicators in adult education

General overview

  • Author(s):
    Tanja Možina, Sonja Klemenčič, Tanja Vilič Klenovšek, Milena Zorić, Jasmina Orešnik Cunja
  • Place and year of publication:
    Ljubljana, 2013
  • Publisher:
    Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
  • Publication type:
    Collection of quality indicators
  • Format:
    Printed edition


The first collection of quality indicators for the field of adult education, which was the core of Offering quality Education to Adults (OQEA) – our national model for the evaluation and development of quality in educational organisations for adults – was published in 2003. It has been ten years since the first issue of the Quality indicators. In this period, we have been through many changes, and several new needs and demands have appeared in the field of adult education. All these changes have been indicating the need for an update of the existing Quality indicators. In the years 2011 and 2012, the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education undertook a new task called Update of Quality Indicators in Adult Education, the result of which was this updated Collection of Quality Indicators in Adult Education.

The updated collection of quality indicators was designed as a manual to help the people in educational organisations or other organisations offering adult education to implement continuous internal monitoring and in-depth self-evaluation, and help other experts in the field of adult education who implement various methods of external monitoring and external evaluations.