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Who are we?

Quality   Who are we?

The members of the development group working on the activities of quality assessment and development at the SIAE are:

Tanja Možina, Phd.
Phone: ++386 1 584 25 77
E-mail: tanja.mozina@acs.si
Sonja Klemenčič
 external expert
Jasmina Orešnik Cunja
Phone: ++386 1 584 25 96
E-mail: jasmina.oresnik.cunja@acs.si
Karmen Rajar
Phone: ++386 1 584 25 86
E-mail: karmen.rajar@acs.si
Aleksandra Radojc
 Phone: ++386 1 584 25 57
 E-mail: aleksandra.radojc@acs.si
Robert Šmalc
Phone: ++386 1 584 25 93
E-mail: robert.smalc@acs.si

Along with us, other colleagues working in different fields at the SIAE contribute to the development of our field by implementing different quality assessment and development procedures into their work.

The managers and members of quality groups that make up the network of OQEA educational organisations and the quality counsellors network have also made an important contribution to the development of this field over the years.


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