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Adult education organisation can upgrade its internal quality system with different approaches of external quality assessment developed by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education has so far developed a system of different incentives to implement the culture of quality which motivate and reward education organisations and experts who strive for the systematic assessment of the effects of their work and services in adult education and systematic implementation of quality development measures:

  • the green OQEA logo, that represents an organisation that systematically cares about its quality and the quality of its services in adult education;
  • the SIAE award for quality development in adult education, intended to the educational organisations and individuals who particularly excel in systematic care for increasing quality and development in adult education (awarded in 2007 and 2009);
  • The project Expert External Evaluation: Expert external evaluations are used to independently confirm the quality of adult education in selected fields within educational organisations. They encourage maintaining the already attained quality standards and implementing improvements and developments in quality. The expert external evaluation provides the organisation with quality feedback about where it is already good and the possibilities shown for further improvement. Evaluations also help to upgrade the existing internal quality systems in the organisation. 

The green OQEA logo
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Training on the internal quality system of adult education for the employees of BIC Ljubljana

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