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Welcome to the pages on quality in adult education!

Quality   Welcome to the ...

We're pleased to welcome you to the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education (SIAE) website. Allow us to introduce you briefly what its main objective is and what possibilities it offers you.

These pages introduce different activities and projects that we carry out at the SIAE in the field of quality. When creating these, pages, we wanted more than to simply inform you about our activities. We were driven by a desire to create a website for the field of adult education, a point of reference where experts who work with quality development in theory and in practice, as well as students in this field can get information, professional literature and tools to help them assess and develop quality. Our aim is to develop this site into a web-point of knowledge and good practice in this field. For this very reason, to set the information and good practice exchange in motion, we're inviting you to build these pages with us. We'll be happy to receive your comments, suggestions and initiatives on how to complement and improve them. Likewise, we will gladly publish your publications and other contributions on our Bookshelf (https://kakovost.acs.si/development_and_milestones/publications/) and thus transfer your knowledge to other members of this emerging online community of experts who work in quality in adult education, and those who wish to acquire new knowledge in the field.

The Quality Team

We kindly invite you to read about Slovenian approach to self-evaluation:
Offering Quality Education to Adults:


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Second quality counsellors' workshop in 2019

Presentation of Slovenian approach to self-evaluation (POKI) in the Netherlands
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