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The idea of establishing a network of quality counsellors for the quality of adult education was formed in the years when we had already finished the cooperation with the first training organizations that have implemented OQEA model for implementing self-evaluation. We determined that it would be good that educational organizations among their staff have a qualified person who would have more knowledge about the conceptualization, systems and processes of quality development in adult education. The network consists of counsellors who perform guidance for quality in adult education.

Quality guidance in adult education is a process in which an adult education quality counsellor expertly advises on how to assess and develop quality in adult education effectively, holistically, systematically and permanently, offers help in carrying out the processes for quality assessment and development, and helps clients to perform certain tasks by themselves, as agreed within the educational organisation.

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Second quality counsellors' workshop in 2019

Presentation of Slovenian approach to self-evaluation (POKI) in the Netherlands
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